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September 2, 2013


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There are people who in addition to publishing the photos (for example photos of the cosplayers) on other websites without asking the consent of the author, put their logo on the signature of the original author, hiding it (-_-).

Imagine that you have done a painting with your signature: You publish it on your personal page (for example, DA), someone sees it, download it and ... put his signature on YOUR painting.. for publish it on his website. Would not like, right?

I found my photo of my cosplay of Lara Croft on this site,, with their logo that hides my signature:…

Direct image:…

But is one of many sites.
I am very disappointed by the lack of respect that people on the internet shows towards the artists.
because it would be enough ask. If people ask, I might say "I'm sorry, but if you cover my signature with your logo, I can not give to you my consent for the publication." Instead, now I do not even know how to remove my photo from this site. because it is all written in japanese (or chinese?) .... and do not understand anything.

If the site in question will read, ask him to SHARE my original photo from deviantart, no download, publish and cover my signature.

With this post I just want to invite all the sites concerned to publish the photos of others (cosplay, art, and all images):

- ask the authors' consent for the publication of the image

-Avoid covering the author's signature with your logo (especially if you don't asked the permission of the author!)

-If you're too lazy to search the author, do not  upload the photos on your sites. SHARE the links original, rather! Mentioning the name of the original author or his site.

to ask my permission<span class="">, email me here:</span> daelyth(at)

or send me a private note!

I'm sorry for the polemic (and sorry if my english is bad), but I hope that people understand, once and for all, that this behavior is not good for the original authors.
Thanks for yout attention!
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Serigraph1973 Jan 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
if you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you will have the option to translate the copy in the website. It only works on actual text and not images of text, so it doesnt translate EVERYTHING. The copy that was above your picture didnt make a whole lot of sense when translated to English...not sure how it will fare in Italian.
blinded-dinosaur Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry this has happened to you.  And it isn't the first time it has happened, has it?  But unfortunately, this type of crap has been happening for years.  People probably could accomplish the same thing using photos from magazines before the internet was available (but I think the internet has made the problem worse due to the anonymous nature of the internet, quality of the images available, etc.).  I imagine there are lawyers out there who could help with these problems, but (of course) that takes cash.  I hope this problem does not discourage you from sharing; I love to see your work.  :)

Sono d' accordo sull' alterazione dell' immagine mettendo loghi non voluti dall' autore principale, ma non sul fatto che uno non possa inserire immagini già pubblicate trovate su internet. Al massimo, per una questione di gentilezza, se è possibile, si potevano mettere i crediti sotto la foto.

L' alterazione della foto invece mi fa imbestialire (perchè significa che ci hanno proprio perso tempo a toccare quello che non dovevano). 

Daelyth Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Si naturalmente non ci sono problemi quando pubblicano le mie immagini mettendo i crediti. Ma certa gente me le scarica e pubblica altrove senza citare neanche la fonte, pur avendo specificato di non pubblicarle altrove :-/ Per evitare ciò avevo messo un sacco di watermarks su una immagine, ma la gente ha iniziato a lamentarsi che erano troppo invasivi. E bè, mi costringono le persone stesse ad agire così. C'è chi ha provato proprio a cancellarmi la firma con il timbro, pensa te!
Sono d' accordo sull' alterazione dell' immagine mettendo loghi non voluti dall' autore principale... cioè sono d' accordo con te (specifico per far capire meglio).
KaineNier Sep 2, 2013   General Artist
I'm glad you poined this site out, the only way to deal with theft is to expose the thieves.

In case I forget, I want to wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY :love:
OiMonkey Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Art theft of any kind sucks! My entire portfolio was stolen years ago & I never got any of it back. 14 years of work down the toilet because someone broke into my car & stole it. I doubt they were able to get any drugs for it and it probably wound up on the trash :(. Down with art thieving scum!
Daelyth Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am very sorry for what happened to you : (
also some of my drawings (and my OC of a fanfiction inspired by transformers) were stolen :( (sorry for bad english ^^)
OiMonkey Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :). I am also sorry you lost some illustrations too. I just create more art & say what's done is done... And your English is just fine. It is far better than my Italian :)! Keep on being creative!!!
Non è giappo (altrimenti qualcosa l'avrei capita, con la mja visione assidua di anime ^^;), è un sito cinese.
Coumnque, ho trovato la sezione "contact" (sta al fondo pagina come ogni altro sito, per fortuna) che contiene anche l'indirizzo e-mail:
邮箱 (将#改为@) 注:该邮箱拒绝一切新闻稿件,多谢配合。

Ovvero (tradotto da Google):
E-mail: (the # to @) Note: The mailbox rejected all press releases, thank you cooperation.

Per mandare l'e-mail basta che cambi il cancelletto con il simbolo solito della "chiocciola" e, se ho capito bene, cestinano solo le e-mail relative a qualcosa che ha a che fare con gli articoli della stampa.
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